Thursday, September 2, 2010

Helen Ross with a nautical look

Helen Ross

This photo is from Clara (Ross) Fowlie's photo album and was captioned "Helen". The pictures near it were from the mid 1920s. The location is not specified, but in my mind it is Black Hawk lake near Lake View, Iowa.

Helen Elizabeth Ross was born October 15, 1903. She was the youngest of the three daughters of John and Mary Ross. Her middle name is the same as her Grandmother's first name. Her father, John Franklin Ross's mother's name was Elizabeth Cowen, prior to marrying Henry Ross. I've mentioned Henry in a few other posts here.

Helen married Harold Acklin Whitted July 24, 1939 in Sundance, Crook county, Wyoming. Helen died less than a year after Harold, on August 14, 1990. They were buried in Lake Creek Cemetery, Calhoun county, Iowa as were a number of others in the John Frankiln Ross family.

Harold was born January 11, 1903. I appears that his middle name comes from his mother's last name, Anna M. Acklin. His parents were buried in Lake Creek Cemetery as well. So was Gail Whitted, a sister of Harold that died in 1917, around age 12. Harold's mother, Anna, died at a relatively young age, September 10, 1913, on her 36th birthday.