Saturday, September 4, 2010

Floyd Gipson Brassfield, Slim and the truck

Floyd, Slim and Pal.
This is another photo scanned from one of Elvis Brassfield's photo albums. It is captioned "Floyd, Slim, Pal." in the album and has an arrow pointing towards the dog indicating the name "Pal" refers to the dog. Another photo of the man on the right is captioned "Slim" as well and another has him pictured with a woman named Norma. I don't think they were relatives of Floyd's, but I'll see what turns up in further research. He might have been a family friend or partner in the trucking business in Lake City, Iowa. See this post for a scanned business card for the trucking business. As mentioned before, Floyd was Elvis J. Brassfield's father. Click the Floyd Gipson Brassfield label to see other posts relating to Floyd.