Monday, September 20, 2010

Elvis the bus driver in 1942

Bus driver - L.A '42
This is another photo from Elvis J. Brassfield's photo album. It is captioned "Bus driver - L.A. '42" in the album. The same photo is captioned "1941-42 - Elvis - Bus driver - in Calif." Honestly, I'm not certain how long he lived in California or why, but he entered the Army in February 1943.
I also have an artifact from 1940 that says he worked at Mare Island Navy Yard. Mare Island is northeast of San Fransisco and 350 miles from Los Angeles. Apparently, Elvis spent a bit of time in California and moved around before he got involved in the war. Perhaps the L.A. caption is incorrect since the other one just says California.

Elvis was the son of Thelma Sarah (Hunt) and Floyd Gipson Brassfield.