Monday, January 3, 2011

The Shop in 1920

This photo is a pretty interesting one. In the album it's easy to zip right past. It's dark and hard to make out details, but after scanning it at 1200 dpi, it looks very interesting. Click the image and take a look at the details. It is captioned as follows:
left to right
Floyd Brassfield
Clifford Bates
Boss of shop
office girl
Clarence Brassfield (partner in shop)

This shop was probably in Sioux City, Iowa. You may remember that Clarence and Floyd are brothers, sons of Elvis H. Brassfield and Nellie Bell Bates. Clifford Bates is a cousin of theirs, son of Robert Bates, Nellie's brother. Notice that Floyd is leaning on an engine block. There is also a large "Bull Dog" No. 52 vise made by Prentiss Vise Company on the bench.

Everyone has some kind of tool, but I found it a bit amusing that the "office girl" has the largest one, a huge pipe wrench. Floyd moved on to being a rancher near Fairfax, South Dakota sometime after his son Elvis John Brassfield was born in November 1920.