Monday, January 10, 2011

Jorgon Peter Johnson September 1944

This one is a photo of Jorgon Peter Johnson, my 3rd great grandfather. It is captioned "Peter Johnson, September 17, 1944, Jennie Johnson Hunts father".

He was born in Denmark and was naturalized at October 6, 1877 in Cuming County, Nebraska. He died in February 1945 at age 93. He was buried at Blair Cemetery, Blair, Washington County, Nebraska. His tombstone lists him as J.P. Johnson. The 1900 census lists him as John P. Johnson and he lived in Blair, Nebraska.

His wife was Hannah Branhus and she was listed as having 9 surviving children in 1900. The 1900 census also lists her as mother of 17 children, but the second number is not very clear, it could be a 12, but definitely a flat line on it to like a weird 2 or a decent 7. It seems extraordinary to me for a 45 year old to have 17 children, but it's possible. She would have been pregnant for nearly 13 years of her life. Hannah died in 1908 at age 53.

His daughter Jennie Johnson married John Hunt. Their daughter Thelma Sarah Hunt married Floyd Gipson Brassfield.