Saturday, January 8, 2011

Genea-Musings: Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - What are they searching for?

Genea-Musings: Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - What are they searching for?:
"Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to:

1) Go to your Blog Statistics website (e.g., StatCounter, Google Analytics, etc.) and find the page for 'Keyword Searches' done on your blog.

2) Tell us some of the funniest or most interesting keyword searches and your reaction to them. Write your own blog post or put them in a comment to this post, or in a comment or status on Facebook.

Have fun!

This blog doesn't get much traffic, and I have less than a dozen keywords listed by Google analytics and Blogger's stats page. I kind of expected more Elvis Presley related keyword hits because of the focus on my grandfather Elvis John Brassfield and his grandfather Elvis H. Brassfield. However, I only had one that seemed Elvis Presley related: "the fact that elvis s grandma"

I had some fairly targeted searches like b24 "asbestos alice", one of the B-24's that Elvis J. Brassfield flew on in WWII, but the page they were sent to didn't have much information. Not too many pages share those keywords, so it's easy to see how they ended up on my page. Maybe some time in the future I will have some more information to post about Asbestos Alice and the missions Elvis flew. I see that someone liked that Tombstone Tuesday post so much that they stole it and put it on their own World War II blog. Their blog is shut down now, but google still has it in the cache. I didn't think anything I'd write would be worth stealing, but I guess it was. Maybe it's time to start adding a more obvious copyright notice, but I doubt that will help.

A similar search found the same page, elvis brassfield 445th, but again I didn't provide them with much information. It's interesting to see the other pages with the same keywords, but also disturbing to see other spam sites that have stolen my text. I guess that's the dark secret of the internet, that anything useful you add to it will be stolen. I can only hope that these posts will find their way to a distant cousin or genealogy researcher and help them in their research even in some small way. The internet has helped me greatly in my research and this is one small way I can help give back a little.

Another interesting keyword search is "charlotte temple bird", but I didn't have much info about her for them to find. I do have some things I need to post someday. Charlotte Temple (Parker) Bird (1842-1923) is my 2nd great grand aunt and I even have a photo of her tombstone from a visit to Wautoma Union Cemetery, Wautoma, Wisconsin in 2009. She was the sister of Valois Denemore Parker, so she will definitely have a post or two about her in the future.

Well those keywords were the most interesting to me. Thanks Randy, at Genea-Musings, for the idea to look at some of the keywords and for the Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.