Sunday, January 16, 2011

John H. Stotler at his desk

Here's a followup photo of John Harrison Stotler. The caption just says John Stotler minister on the back of the photo. I can almost read the calender on the wall on the 1200 dpi scan, but not quite. It's a 30 day month that starts on a Sunday, looks like 190-something. I'm guessing April 1906, but you decide...(Update: Can't be 1906, see below)
I'm always impressed at how much detail from the scanner. The calender is not even 1/2 inch tall in the original photo.

Update: The photo dates to the time period where J.H. Stotler was a pastor in Mt. Carmel, IL. The bottom of the photo says it was printed by a company in Mt. Carmel. According to other information that I have, he was there for about 5 years. This was after 1894 when he was in Burlington, IN, but before 1902 when he was in Centralia, IL.