Sunday, November 14, 2010

WWII in HD — The Air War —

Tonight I stumbled upon WWII in HD — The Air War —, so I started to record it. I'm only 30 minutes into it out of two hours, but so far it's looking pretty interesting.

Elvis John Brassfield flew more than 30 missions over hostile territory and I think it gives an interesting, perspective into what he went through during the air war. He spent 8 months overseas starting around August 1944 flying in B-24s as an armorer-gunner. The photo at the right is of B-24's from his bomb group during the time he served. The program focuses on a time frame prior to when Elvis was over there and on B-17 bombers, but it still gives a glimpse at air combat of that time period. So keep that in mind if you chose to watch The Air War. It's narrated by Rob Lowe.

Be warned about the graphic footage of wounded, etc, so it's not suitable for the kids.