Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rosehill Cemetery, Rockwell City, Iowa

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This post is to help me prepare for a potential future trip to Rosehill Cemetery, Rockwell City, Iowa. I have some notes and there are a few transcriptions available online as well.

Interestingly, there are two cemeteries with similar names in Calhoun County, Iowa. Rosehill Cemetery in Rockwell City and Rose Hill Cemetery in Manson. I believe the majority of the graves I am interested in are located in Rockwell City, but there is potential for confusion in my notes since Manson, Iowa is not too far away. There are some Ross and Fowlie surnames at Rose Hill, so it might be woth a trip there as well.
The list is after the jump...

According to my notes I will need to find the following graves:
Alexander Brown Fowlie (1834-1906), husband of Mary
Mary C. (Kiesel) Fowlie (1854-1923), wife of Alexander
Joseph Fowlie (1881-1906) (1879-1908), probably uncle brother of Frank Brown Fowlie though the dates I have don't quite match on the tombstone do not match family records and census documents.
Roy(al) James Fowlie (1887-1911), son of Alexander

Floyd Frederick Fowlie (1899-1947), son of Alexander and Mary

Frank Brown Fowlie (1892-1977), son of Alexander and Mary, husband of Clara
Clara Bernice Fowlie (1897-1994), wife of Frank

George Alexander Fowlie (1879-1967), brother of Frank Brown Fowlie

Find-a-Grave has a pretty decent list for Rosehill Cemetery that matches my list and has a few more that might be good to look for. I would say most of the Fowlie's and Ross's in Calhoun County are probably cousins of some sort.

George H. and Laura Fowlie. George, son of William Fowlie is a 1st Cousin of Frank Brown Fowlie.

Mary A. Fowlie (1879-1914), possibly wife of Alexander C. Fowlie who was an uncle of Frank Brown Fowlie.

Alice A. (Fowlie) Dallenbach, (very likely to be George H. Fowlie's daughter)

John W. Ross (1845-1911) and Margaret J. Ross. Update, these appear to be unrelated to the John F. Ross family. The 1900 census lists them as born in Ireland, so there is no way for me to connect to them at this time.

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