Sunday, November 28, 2010

Home in Cherokee, Iowa

Here's a photo of the house in Cherokee, Iowa where the Floyd Brassfield family lived for a few years in the 1920s starting around 1924 before moving to Lake City around 1926. The caption on the back says Cherokee 1925. Betty Lucille Brassfield (1923-2003) and her father, Floyd Gipson Brassfield (1898-1961) are posing in front of their home. There is also a dog in the photo, another photo labels the dog "Dick." Unfortunately, I have no information on the location of this home, except that it was near Cherokee.

In the album this photo is 4" x 2.5" so it's pretty hard to see what's going on. After scanning, I could tell that it was Betty in the photo, not Elvis. This is only 1/3 the size that I scanned, but you can still see some interesting details. There's a chicken in the photo, also there's a broom hanging outside the door on the right. By the door on the right there are some plants and several strings running from the ground to the roof. I'm guessing it must be some kind of climbing plant that probably climbed the strings during growing season. There is also something attached to the chimney, maybe some kind of lightning rod? No TV back then and I doubt it was radio related, so it pretty much has to be a lightning rod, right?

Interesting house, looks like it had a fireplace in the center and probably not many rooms. It looks pretty small, too and there were 5 members of the family at that time.