Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Glen Bird Parker with car

Here's a photo of Glen Bird Parker (1899-1960). I don't have a date or caption for this photo so I'm guessing 1930 based on the number 30 on the license plate. (see World License plate page). Glen was the youngest son of Valois Denemore Parker and Anna Belle Wood. I am guessing his middle name of Bird came from Valois's sister's married name, Charlotte Temple Bird. She married civil war Captain J.N.P. Bird. Bird was a wounded veteran of the 2nd Battle of Bull Run, but I'll save that for another post.

A couple of interesting things in the background of this photo: the boxes piled up against the building say Westfield Bottling Company. On the top of the spare tire are the words "Fort Atki", which could mean that he bought the car in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.

Glen is the youngest one in this photo I posted a few months ago. According to my notes, Glen died in December 1960 and was buried at Grace Chapel Church Cemetery, Lee County, North Carolina.

The connection to the Brassfield surname is that Glen's Grand niece (his brother Lloyd's Grand Daughter) married a Brassfield.