Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - James Haney

This is the tombstone of James Haney at Riverside Cemetery, Town of Westfield, Marquette County, Wisconsin. Locally it is in an unincorporated place known as Lawrence on the shores of Lawrence Lake, but there is nothing officially named Lawrence, Wisconsin, no zip code, etc.

James Haney was born in Canada on January 6, 1842 and died May 19, 1923. His parents, Patrick Haney and  Margaret Foley were born in Ireland on their way to immigrating to the US. James married Minnie Polenske, of Ireland (my notes say Ireland, but it's probably Prussia/Eastern Germany/Western Poland), and their daughter Maggie Haney was born in 1881. Maggie Haney married Gilbert Alexander and their daughter Norma Alexander married Lloyd Ira Parker. Hopefully family and regular readers will recognize those names. Anyway, all of this makes James Haney my 3rd great grandfather.

The tombstone is transcribed as follows:
James Haney
Jan. 6, 1842
May 19, 1923