Monday, August 15, 2011

McGinnis Cemetery

Entrance to McGinnis Cemetery
Entrance to McGinnis Cemetery
My last cemetery stop on the way to Omaha was McGinnis Cemetery, Crawford Township, Madison County, Iowa. This is a small rural cemetery that is off of a main road. In the photo above, you can see the long access road on the right side of the frame. It looks like you are driving up someone's driveway and the cemetery is not visible from the main road.

The tombstones were easily located at this small cemetery. The Stout headstones were within view of the entrance and Sarah Brasfield's tombstone was a few yards south of those.

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I located the following tombstones, but you will have to wait to see the photos, otherwise I won't have anything to post on Tombstone Tuesdays.
  • Brasfield, Sarah R. (Hill) (1806-1879), my 4th great grandmother, the great grandmother of my great grandfather, Floyd Gipson Brassfield. She has only one "s" in Brasfield on the tombstone, but it looks like a replacement marker.
  • Brassfield, Victoria Naomi (1869-May 2, 1871), a first cousin, 4 times removed. Daughter of John D. Brassfield. John was the brother of my 3rd great grandfather, Wiley D. Brassfield (1827-1902).
  • Stout, Abigail (Brassfield), (Nov. 6, 1833-Apr. 20, 1887). Sister of my 3rd great grandfather, Wiley D. Brassfield (1827-1902) and daughter of Sarah (Hill) Brassfield.
  • Stout, Elvis, (Feb. 15, 1824-Sep. 4, 1908). Husband of Abigail Brassfield. (Could this be how the first name Elvis became associated with the Brassfield family? More research is needed for that assertion.)
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Sarah Brasfield's tombstone was located at N41 21.149, W93 53.591, but GPS was really not needed since the tombstones were so close to the entrance gate in the north east corner of the cemetery. The green arrow marks those coordinates on the map below.

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