Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blair Nebraska City Cemetery visit

Block 29 Blair Cemetery
A view of block 29 including Beistline and Hunt tombstones
On the return trip from Omaha, due to extensive Missouri River flooding, I was forced to detour to avoid the I-680/I-29 closure and my usual crossing at Mormon Bridge (I-680). Since I generally avoid I-80 if I can, I found myself on US30 in Blair, Nebraska and I decided to swing by the city cemetery there. Unfortunately it was fairly early in the day and the long shadows lowered the quality of the photos. Although I think it actually improved the readability of the Beistline monument, most of the other photos didn't turn out too well. This would probably be a good cemetery to visit in the afternoon, at least for the tombstones I was interested in.

The cemetery is quite large, but they have an excellent online capability to search Blair City Cemetery Burials. The blocks are well marked with metal posts and painted stencils, so the online database and markers made it easy to search. Without this capability, I doubt I would have even attempted a foot search. It seemed like a very genealogy friendly cemetery. 

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This is the list I photographed. I will post photos in upcoming tombstone Tuesday posts.
  • Hunt, Samuel, (1832-Sep 15, 1923), Block: 29 Lot: 9 Grave: 11. My 3rd great grandfather.
  • Hunt, Sarah A. (Beistline)(Mar 16, 1846-Mar 2, 1889), Block: 29 Lot: 9 Grave: 10. My 3rd great grandmother.
  • Beistline, J. R. (1821-Apr 16, 1904), Block: 29 Lot: 2 Grave: 8, My 4th great grandfather.
  • Beistline, Susanah, (1821-Dec 30, 1885), Block: 29 Lot: 2 Grave: 7, My 4th great grandmother.
  • Johnson, Jorgon Peter, (Mar. 27, 1851-Feb. 2, 1945), Block: 7 Lot: 9 Grave: 8. My 3rd great grandmother.
  • Johnson, Hannah (Branshus), ( Nov. 19, 1854-Sep. 24, 1908), Block: 7 Lot: 9 Grave: 9. My 3rd great grandmother.
  • Johnson, Martha, Block: 7 Lot: 9 Grave: 7, Listed in the cemetery database, but apparently there is no tombstone. This may have been a daughter of J.P. Johnson.
  • Johnson, Elizabeth Greeno, (1868-May 5, 1962), Block: 7 Lot: 9 Grave: 5. Unknown relationship, possibly sister or another wife of Jorgon Johnson?

I collected the following GPS coordinates:
  • N41 33.051, W96 7.105 was the position of Samuel Hunt's tombstone.
  • N41 33.019, W96 7.108 was the position of J.P. Johnson's tombstone.

These are as close as google maps will let me place the marks. Maybe I'll figure out how to put the marks in the correct place, but these will have to do for now.

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