Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Anna Perry Stotler with the horse and buggy

Anna Perry-Stotler
Anna Perry-Stotler with a horse and buggy

This photo was captioned "Aunt Anna Stotler" and had "Harry" written on the back. It is Anna (Perry) Stotler, wife of John Harrison Stotler.

John was known to his sister's family as uncle Harry. He was my 2nd great grand uncle. The family lost track of him in the early 1900s after he finished preaching at Mt. Carmel, Illinois. He was said to be moving from Illinois to California or Pennsylvania and to my knowledge he was not heard from again.

His wife Anna was listed as single and living with her family in Ohio at the time of the 1910 census. She died a few months later.

The last record I have of Rev. John H. Stotler was from 1902 when he purchased two cemetery plots at Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis, Indiana. One was for his brother who had just died and his father was eventually buried in the other. I have no idea where or when John Harrison Stotler died or where he was buried.

If anyone has any additional info, feel free to add a comment here.