Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nellie Belle Evers with the family

Here is another photo from Elvis Brassfield's Brassfield-Hunt memories album. It is captioned, "Grandma, Clarence, Floyd, Jennie, Elvis, Thelma."

Grandma is Nellie Belle Evers, she married Ben Evers after Elvis H. Brassfield died. Her two sons Clarence and Floyd Brassfield are standing next to her. A third son, Adrian, died a few years before this photo was taken. Jennie (Martinson) is in the front row at left. Clarence married Jennie in 1924. In the front row on the right is Thelma Sarah (Hunt), wife of Floyd with her son Elvis John Brassfield. Elvis was born in November 1920, so that dates this photo to 1922 or so.