Monday, October 11, 2010

John Hunt with nurses

John Hunt (center) and his daughter, Thelma Sarah Hunt (right)
This photo is from the Brassfield - Hunt memories photo album. it is captioned "? - John Hunt - Thelma Sarah Hunt 1918-1919." This photo was probably taken in Nebraska and may relate to the 1918 flu pandemic. I am not certain what Thelma Sarah Hunt's schooling was, but she would have been around age 20 at the time of the photo. I do not know who the person on the left is.

Thelma Sarah Hunt (1898-1976) was the daughter of Jennie (Johnson) (1878-1914) and John Hunt (1869-1965). Thelma married Floyd Gipson Brassfield and was the mother of five, including Elvis, Betty and Irene as mentioned elsewhere on this blog.