Friday, October 29, 2010

Artifact - Give blood

At right is an artifact that apparently belonged to Elvis John Brassfield. It is a 2 Gallon pin for blood donation that he received June 19, 1973.

Everyone has a personal reason for donating blood, whether it is a civic duty, or the just right thing to do. I don't know what his reason was on that day in 1973, but everyone's reason is unique.

Here's a link to an 86 year old that reached the 40 gallon mark. That's pretty impressive. You can go to for more information on donating blood.

Today, I passed the one gallon mark by providing a double red cell donation. That's 2 units of only the red blood cells. It takes a little longer each time, but you only need to donate half as often since it is 112 days between donations. At my age, 1 gallon is not very impressive, but I took quite a long break.