Thursday, August 19, 2010

Woodbury Township Cemetery in Sergeant Bluff, Woodbury County, Iowa

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Woodbury Township Cemetery is also known as Hill Cemetery, Holman Cemetery and Sergeant Bluff Cemetery. The USGS GNIS lists it as Woodbury Township Cemetery, Find a Grave lists it as Sergeant Bluff Cemetery and the Iowa WPA grave survey listed it as Holman. has no information on this cemetery. US Gen web for Woodbury County, Iowa has a transcription that lists some relatives of Floyd Gipson Brassfield.

I have some notes from a family member that visited this cemetery in the 1995. Floyd's father, Elvis H. Brassfield is buried there. At the north end, lower road, west side is a stone with an open book carved in the top. It reads Elvis H. Brassfield, born Sept 20, 1870, Died Mar 6, 1904. Under that it says "Those whom God loves die young." He was 33 1/2 years old.

Floyd's mother Nellie (Bates) is not buried at this cemetery, but her mother and father are:
Gipson Bates, 1843 - 1910
Elizabeth J. Bates, 1837 - 1893

Elvis H. Brassfield's parents are buried here as well. On a tall gray stone in the 2nd row, middle road
W.D. Brassfield (Wiley D.) b. 23 Sep 1827
E.J. Brassfield (Elizabeth J.Fansler) b.20 Apr 1831 d.2 Oct 1900

Wiley and Elizabeth buried their infant children nearby. George A, 1858 and Victoria, 1875.

Nicholas R. Bras(s)field is buried there as well. He is the brother of Wiley D. but the last name on his headstone is spelled Brasfield, with one "S". The stone lists Apr 28 1848. Nov 26 1926. CoB 8 Regt. Iowa Inft. According to the "Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies" book, his first wife Annie Orman is also buried in this cemetery.

The infant son of William C. and Permilia (Davis) Brassfield is buried here. He died 23 Feb 1879. Permilia's and William are buried elsewhere, but Permilia's parents Joesph Davis and America (Hood) are buried here, but their stones were not photographed by my relative in 1995.

I will probably be making a trip to the location in the future, so I will put up some pictures at that time.