Saturday, August 21, 2010

James Harry Brassfield, Korean War casualty

Tonight I stumbled across the name Harry Brassfield (1911-1951), a casualty of the Korean war. His full name was James Harry Brassfield and he was a Master Sergeant in the 8th Cavalry Regiment1st Cavalry Division of the US Army. He was captured in Unsan, probably during the Battle of Unsan, on November 2, 1950. He died in captivity July 31, 1951. He is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

It turns out that he was a 4th cousin to Floyd Gipson Brassfield. I discovered this using the Relationship Calculator on Brasfield-Brassfield Genealogies website (click the link to see the relationship).They are connected by John Brassfield (1735 - 1790), so it's a distant connection, but they are related. I think it is pretty amazing that a connection can be found so easily using the internet.