Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Henry Ross

Henry Ross
This is the tombstone of Henry Ross (1828-1863) and is located in Mackey Cemetery, Piatt County, Illinois. I took this photo in June 2007, the last time I visited the cemetery. Click to see the image in detail.

I have been discussing Brassfields, but there is no direct genetic link to Floyd Gipson Brassfield. The connection is through the marriage of Floyd's son Elvis. Henry Ross was the father of John Franklin Ross (1859-1943), father of Clara Bernice Ross (1897-1994). Clara's daughter married Elvis J. Brassfield. She is still living, so I won't be mentioning her name online.

As for the tombstone, it says:

Henry Ross
June 29, 1863
34 yrs 11 mos 12 Days

My notes state he was born 15 July 1828 in Pennsylvania, but the aged numbers would calculate to 17 July 1828. The stone was difficult to read, and my notes also say that he may have died on 27 June 1863. I'll have more on the Ross family at a later date.