Monday, May 21, 2012

Military Monday - Valor awards for Jack D. Alexander - Military Times Hall of Valor

United States POW-MIA flag
I found this on the Military Times Hall of Valor website. Jack D. Alexander was my 1st cousin, twice removed on my mother's side, meaning he was my grandfather's first cousin, the son of his mother's brother.

Jack's name appeared in Wayne A. "Johnnie" Johnson's list of POWs that died in captivity during the Korean War. Johnson risked his life to record names while he was captive so that fellow POWs would not be forgotten and their families would know what happened. Johnson received the Silver Star for maintaining the list during captivity.

Valor awards for Jack D. Alexander | Military Times Hall of Valor

Corporal Jack D. Alexander, Army

For service as set forth in the following:

Corporal Jack D. Alexander (ASN: RA-16289592), United States Army, was held as a Prisoner of War after he was captured on 12 July 1950 during the Korean War. He was unaccounted for after the war and is presumed to have died or been killed while in captivity.
Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office
ALEXANDER, Jack Duane,PFC -- 501119 -- 21 Inf -- Eildeaur, WI
The list indicated that Jack D. Alexander died November 19, 1950. Eildeaur apparently refers to Endeavor, WI and the Jack's memorial at Westfield East Cemetary says his middle name was David.
Jack David Alexander Memorial
Memorial at Westfield East Cemetery, Westfield, WI