Monday, October 24, 2011

Amanuensis Monday - Abraham Martin Parker

According to Genabloggers, "An Amanuensis is a person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another. Amanuensis Monday is a daily blogging theme which encourages the family historian to transcribe family letters, journals, audiotapes, and other historical artifacts."

Today I'm posting a transcription of an article from page 480 of Augustus G. Parker's 1911 book, Parker in America. Abraham Martin Parker was my 4th great grandfather on my mother's side. Philander C. Parker was my 3rd great grandfather. I think the part that interests me most is the first paragraph and the second to last one where it tells how Abraham moved from Connecticut to Canada to Nunda, NY. Then his son Philander Calender Parker moved to Wautoma, bringing our family to Wisconsin.

He migrated from Canada about seventy years ago and settled at Nunda, Livingston Co., N. Y., where he continued to live until his d., 1862. He m. Miss Harriette Benton. To them were b. Philander C., Abraham M. Jr., Harry Munroe, James M. (who still lives on the old homestead, two miles from Nunda), Elutheria, Mary E.

Mary E. m. John Bryant and now lives at Ridge, near Mt. Morris.

Elutheria d. as did Harvey and Munroe.

Philander C. moved to Wautoma, Wis., where he d. about twenty-five years ago.

Abraham M., Jr. (f. of Lester B.), m. about 1846, Sophronia Putnam and settled in Whitesville, Allegany Co., N. Y. He d. 1891. Their chn. were Clarence L., Lester B., Volney A., Abraham A. and Adele.

Clarence L. lives at or near Norwich, N. Y.; is 55 yeas of a., has one s., Yorke.

Lester B. res. in Lowville, N. Y., a. 52. Volney A., at Wellsville, N. Y., a.45. Abraham, if alive, is a. 43. Adele m. E. W. Griffith, who is Supt. of Public Schools in Glenn Falls, N. Y.

Lester B. has four chn.: Glenn M., Fay L., Linn B., all of Lowville, and one dau., Mrs. Charles Bostwick of Lyons Falls, N. Y. Glen M. is a. 24, unm., dealer in coal at Lowville, Fay L., a. 21, m. lives in Lowville; a coal dealer. Lynn B. 8 years old.

Lester B. was b. in Whitesville, educated at the district school and two years at Belfast Academy; moved to Lewis county, 1876; m. Mary E. Glenn, 1877. In 1884 he purchased lands in Montague, Lewis county; moved there and started lumbering, his express station and shipping point being Lowville. Lumber business still goes on at Parkers. He also has interest in a retail yard at Lowell, and is head of the firm, L. B. Parker and Son, coal dealers, Lowville. His w. Mary E., d. 1902; in 1903 he m. Cora Fenton of No. Four Lewis county, where he is interested and spends about half his time. L. B. P.
Lowville, May 10, 1904.

Statement made by Clarence Lucas of above family, b. 1849.

Father's name, Abraham Martin Parker of Whitesville, N. Y.
Mother's name, Sophronia Wood (Putnam) Parker.
Grandfather's name, Abraham Martin Parker, of Nunda, N. Y.
Grandmother's name, Harriet Benton Parker, of Nunda, N. Y.
Gr-grandfather's name, Archeleus Putnam of Woodstock, Vt.
Gr-grandmother's name, Nancy (Wood) Putnam of Woodstock, Vt.
Clarence Lucas, Lester Benton, Adele Martin, Volney Archeleus and Abraham Martin were the chn. that grew to manhood and womanhood, b. to Abraham and Sophronia Parker; four other chn. d. in youth.

Abraham Martin, deceased, James M., Mrs. John Bryant of Ridge, N. Y., James M. of Nunda, N. Y., were chn. of Abraham Martin and Harriet (Benton) Parker, and their other chn. moved to Wisconsin in 1859-1860.

The Putnams and Wood left Woodstock, Vt., in the '30s of 1800, and settled at Whitesville, Allegany Co., N. Y., then almost an unbroken wilderness.

The Parkers left Connecticut in an early day; went to Canada, and after a few years moved to Messenger's Hollow, near Nunda, where Abraham and Harriet Parker res. until d. I am of the opinion that the Bentons were friends even before they all lived in Western N. Y., for Harriet Benton had a bro. named Abraham Martin Benton. His mo. lived to be over 99, and d. because her stomach could no longer perform its work, not having been sick, of account, all her life.

Archeleus Putnam was of the Isreal Putnam family, was a soldier in War of 1812, d. on his 85th birthday, and was a very sturdy man in all respects. His ancestry on maternal side went straight back to Plymouth Rock at landing of the Pilgrims. His mo. also lived to be a trifle over 99. So both my gr.-gr.-mos. lived over 99 years each. Address of living chn.: Clarence Lucas, Norwich, N. Y.; Lester Benton, Lowville, N. Y.; Mrs. Elbert W. Griffith, 6 Pearl St., Glen Falls, N. Y.; Volney Archeleus, Wellsville, N. Y.
The above is from page 480 of Augustus G. Parker's book, Parker in America published in 1911.