Friday, October 28, 2011

300th post

Elvis and Thelma Brassfield
Mile Marker 300
Well, this is the 300th post to this blog. I decided to include a photo from August 1938 of my grandfather, Elvis J. Brassfield and his mother, Thelma Sarah (Hunt) Brassfield along with the mile mark 300 sign. It looks like they are standing in front of their home on South Street in Lake City, Iowa.

Not much to say about the last 100 except that it's taken quite a while to get to 300. One of my favorite articles to research was the Military Monday feature about Oliver Ross. I made a number of cemetery visits this summer, so I'll be posting more of those pictures in the future. I also have quite a few posts in the queue scheduled to be published in the next month or so. I have some scanned photos to post, too. You can wait for them to be posted or you can spoil the surprise by looking through them on Flickr: