Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Hiram Stotler and Hannah Argo

This is the marriage certificate I obtained from the Piatt County, Illinois Courthouse for Hiram Stotler (1838-1920) and Hannah Argo (1833-1871). They are my 3rd great grandparents. Their daughter Mary Hay Stotler (1864-1959) married John Franklin Ross (1859-1934). Their daughter Clara Bernice Ross (1897-1994) married Frank Brown Fowlie (1982-1977) and their daughter married Elvis John Brassfield (1920-2006).

According to the certificate Hiram and Hannah were issued a marriage license Wednesday, October 9, 1861 and were married Thursday, October 10, 1861. According to my notes, they had 5 children. Catharine, Mary Hay, George Henry, John Harrison and Jane Gregory. Catherine and Jane died before they were a year old, possibly at their births in 1862 and 1869. George and John had no children as far as I can tell. Mary had 7 children.

The certificate is transcribed after the jump

The State of Illinois
Piatt County.
The People of the State of Illinois:
To all who shall see these Presents === Greeting:
Know Ye, that License and Permission has been granted to an Minister of the Gospel, authorize to marry by the Church or Society to which he belongs; any Justice of the Supreme Court; Justice of any Inferior Court or any Justice of the Peace; to Celebrate and Ratify the Marriage of Mr. Hiram A. Stotler and Hannah Argo now both of this County, according to the usual custom and laws of the State of Illinois. Witness William F. Cox (?) Clerk of the County Court in and for the County of Piatt and the Seal of said Court hereunto affixed at Monticello this 9th day of October 1861 A.D.
William F. Cox, Clerk.
W. A. Mc Millen Deputy

State of Illinois, Piatt County
I hereby Certify that, on the 10th day of October A.D. 1861, I joined in the Holy State of Matrimony Mr. Hiram A. Stotler and Miss. Hannah Argo according to the custom and laws of Illinois. Given under my Hand and Seal, this 10th day of October A.D. 1861. [signature difficult to read]