Friday, April 1, 2011

Helen (Ross) and Harold Whitted

This is a photo of Helen Elizabeth Ross (1903-1990) and Harold Acklin Whitted (1903-1989) from her sister Clara (Ross) Fowlie's photo album. Helen and Harold were married July 24, 1939. The photo dates to the 1930s, based on the grouping it is with, but it was not dated.

If you compare the photo with this one you'll notice she is wearing the same striped top, probably the same day.

Does anyone recognize the house is in the background? Update: I'm told that the home in the background was the John Ross family home where they moved after leaving Illinois. The location was known as "the Corner" to the family. I've posted the location at the bottom in the location field of this blog post.

Helen was Clara's youngest sister and she was my great grand aunt. Helen's niece married Elvis J. Brassfield, and that is the connection to the Brassfield surname.