Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wiley and Elizabeth Brassfield

This picture is captioned "Grandpa and Grama Brassfield." Then in different handwriting below it someone wrote "Great", then scribbled it out, then wrote Grandfather and Grandmother of Floyd G. Brassfield. Based on this information, this is most likely Elizabeth (Fansler) Brassfield (1831-1900) and Wiley D. Brassfield (1827-1902). According to my notes, they were both born in North Carolina. Wiley was living in Mahaska County, Iowa in 1850, his mother was head of household, no father listed. Wiley married Elizabeth Fansler in Wapello County, Iowa in April 1851. Wiley served in the Civil War as I mentioned in this post. Both are buried in Woodbury Township Cemetery, Woodbury, Iowa.

They are the parents of Elvis H. Brassfield, born in 1870, grandparents of Floyd Gipson Brassfield, born in 1898, great grandparents of Elvis J. Brassfield, born in 1920 and they were my third great grandparents.