Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Mackey Cemetery overview

Entrance to Mackey cemetery
These photos are from a June 2007 trip to Mackey Cemetery, Sangamon Township, Piatt County, Illinois. These photos give a bit of an idea about the area. The cemetery is on a little bit of a hill considering the flat terrain of that area. 

William Ross (1856-1869), Rebecca Ross (1861-1862) and Henry Ross (1828-1863) are buried at this cemetery. William and Rebecca were Henry Ross's children. All three were featured here on a previous Tombstone Tuesday.

Mackey cemetery as viewed from the south
As I mentioned before, I have been discussing Brassfields, but there is no direct genetic link for these Ross's to Floyd Gipson Brassfield. The connection is by the marriage of Henry Ross's great grand daughter to a Brassfield.

Henry Ross (1828-1863) was the father of John Franklin Ross (1859-1943), father of Clara Bernice Ross (1897-1994). Clara's daughter married Elvis J. Brassfield and that's the connection to the Brassfield surname.