Monday, December 2, 2013

Military Monday - Les Parker Bronze Star citation

Bronze Star medal
The following is a transcription of the Bronze Star Medal citation received by Les Parker for actions during World War II. The Bronze Star Medal is the 4th highest individual military award. The "V" device is given solely to denote "participation in acts of heroism involving conflict with an armed enemy."

Les Parker was the brother of my grandfather, Leo Parker.

The United States of America
To all who shall see these presents, greeting. This is to certify that the President
of the United States of America authorized by Executive Order, 24 August 1962 has Awarded

The Bronze Star Medal
with "V" Device

To Sergeant Leslie A. Parker, United States Army
For heroic achievement on 11 November 1944 in vicinity of Hunting, France. When a
fierce enemy counterattack had penetrated the flank of Company "", 359th Infantry to within
20 feet of a position occupied by Sergeant Parker and two companions, they stubbornly held
this position, firing automatic rifle point blank into the ranks of the enemy, they broke up
the counterattack and forced the enemy to retreat in a disorderly manner. His heroic
achievement was in accordance with military tradition.

Given under my hand in the city of Washington
this 18th day of March 1992

/s/ Patricia P. Hickerson
The Adjutant General

/s/ Michael P. W. Stone
Secretary of the Army
For whatever reason, the citation omits the company name, it should have listed Company "A".

For further historical perspective, The Operations of the 359th Infantry Regiment (90th Infantry Division) in the Crossing Of The Moselle River, 9 - 14 November 1944, (Rhineland Campaign) describes the first crossing of the Moselle River in November 1944. The crossing was complicated by record flooding at the time of the crossing.

So impressive was the river crossing that General Patton stated in a letter of commendation to the Commanding General, 90th Infantry Division that "The capture and development of your bridgehead over the Moselle River, in the vicinity of Koenigsmacher, will ever rank as one the epic river crossings of history."