Monday, June 18, 2012

Young George and John Stotler

George H. Stotler
George Henry Stotler
John H. Stotler
John Harrison Stotler
These photos were taken in Monticello, Illinois in 1869. They are John Harrison Stotler (1867-Unknown) and George Henry Stotler (1865-1902), brothers of my 2nd great grandmother Mary H. Stotler-Ross.They were in an old photo album that belonged to Mary H. Stotler-Ross.

Click the labels for George and Henry to see more articles about them. I'm still searching for more information about Rev. John Harrison Stotler. He was alive at the time of George's death in 1902 and after that, I lose track of him. I don't know when he died or where he is buried.