Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day 2011

Memorial Marker for Vilas D. Parker
Memorial plaque for my 1st cousin (2x removed), Vilas D. Parker.
MIA, presumed dead for over 43 years. Recovered in 1987.
On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918, the armistice ending World War I was signed. November 11th became a day of remembrance for that war, it was Armistice Day. Following World War II, November 11th became a day not just to remember World War I, but to honor all American veterans.

So on this day, I'd like to point out some of the veterans that I am connected to. The list is not complete, so I'm sorry if I've forgotten someone. Out of respect for privacy, I'm not going to mention veterans still living, but I am still grateful for their service.

All gave some, some gave all. The list is after the jump.

Korean War:
  • Jack Duane Alexander (1929-1950), PFC, US Army, missing in action July 12, 1950 and died in Hanjang-ni POW camp, November 19, 1950.
  • Harry Brassfield (1911-1951), M/SGT, US Army, captured November 2, 1950 and died in captivity July 31, 1951.
Elvis Brassfield in uniform during WW2
My grandfather
Elvis J. Brassfield, USAAF
World War II
World War II:
  • Arthur James Brassfield (1910-1976), Captain, US Navy. 2x Navy Cross recipient during World War II. Fighter ace, Battle of the Coral Sea and Battle of Midway. Also served during the time of the Korean War and Vietnam War, but I don't have details.
  • Elvis John Brassfield (1920-2006), S/SGT USAAF. He was an armorer/machine gunner on B-24 Liberators and flew 35 missions over hostile territory.
  • Theodore R. Hunt (1909-1969), LTJG US Navy 1927-1949, USS Chaumont AP-5, USS Sicard AG-100, USS Melville AD-2, USS Preble AG-99, USS Elliot AG-104, USS Waters DD-115, USS Hull DD-350, USS Henley DD-391, USS Seminole AKA-104, USS Ontario ATO-13, USS Argonne AG-31 and USS Dixie AD-14
  • Leo V. Parker (1923-2013), S/SGT USAAF. He was an aircraft and engine mechanic and served in Guam maintaining B-29 Superfortress bombers. He had 6 months 5 days of foreign service beginning in August 1945 and was attached to the 29th bomb group.
  • Vilas D. Parker (1917-1944), S/SGT US Army, member of Merrill's Marauders, missing in action May 22, 1944. He was killed when the C-47 he was being transported in crashed in Burma. His remains were not recovered until 1987.
  • Melvin Reimann (1926-1999),  SGT US Army, Fort Bragg, May 1945. Unknown unit, etc.
  • Dale Gene Ross (1926-1997), US Navy, LST-881, Pacific theater.
  • John Franklin Ross III (1922-2001), US Merchant Marine, USAT George Washington ferrying troops and POWs. 
  • Kenneth Eugene Ross (1925-2007), AFC3 US Navy. Buried Willamette National Cemetery
  • Bernard Ross (1922-1981), served during wartime though unknown unit or branch.
  • Oliver Henry Ross (1906-1988), S/SGT US Army, 1942-1945. He was discharged from Company A, 2nd Armored Medical Battalion, but served the majority of his tour in Company B, 304th Medical Battalion, 314th Infantry Regiment, 79th Infantry Division. Normandy, North France, Rhineland and Central Europe. MOS 824, Mess Sgt.
Frank B. Fowlie Fort Sill Oklahoma
My great-grandfather,
Frank Brown Fowlie at
Fort Sill, OK during WWI.
World War I:
  • Clarence D. Brassfield (1892-1941), Iowa Army National Guard, served during World War I in the 34th Infantry Division, 109th Sanitary Train, Ambulance Company 134. The 34th Division arrived in France in October 1918, a month before the war ended and fortunately did not see combat.
  • Frank B. Brassfield (1898-1987), PFC US Marine Corps, 2nd Division, 6th Marine Regiment, 73rd Machine Gun Company. 2x Silver Star, Croix de Guerre recipient. Battle of Chateau Thierry, Battle of Belleau Wood and Battle of Blanc Mont.
  • Floyd Frederick Fowlie (1899-1947), CPL US Army, 70th Inf regiment, 10th Inf division, apparently served stateside.
  • Frank Brown Fowlie (1892-1977), US Army, served stateside at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Civil War:
  • Nicholas R. Brassfield (1848-1926), 8th Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry, Company B.
  • Wiley D. Brassfield (1827-1902), 8th Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry, Company B.
  • Benjamin W. Firman(1800-1862), Wisconsin 16th Infantry, Company H. Died May 5th, 1862 of disease after the Battle of Shiloh.
  • Ira Wood (1834-1909), Wisconsin 1st Regiment Cavalry, Company G.