Saturday, September 24, 2011

Three teens charged with 75 counts each in cemetery vandalism

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I saw this article in today's Wisconsin State Journal. Click through to the article for a photo, but be prepared to be shocked at the damage. I don't think I have any relatives in that cemetery, but it's disgusting that this sort of vandalism happens. Rock Church Cemetery is a rural church in Grant County, Wisconsin, similar to other rural cemeteries.

Three teens charged with 75 counts each in cemetery vandalism
Three teenagers have been charged with 75 counts each of criminal damage for allegedly participating in an early morning vandalism spree that caused at least $500,000 in damage Aug. 10 at Rock Church Cemetery near Livingston in Grant County.
Located on Rock Church Road in the town of Clifton, the cemetery is the site of graves dating back before the Civil War. Dozens of gravestones were damaged or broken.

Vandalism at Rock Church Cemetery shocks families, caretakers
...this cemetery, with gravesites dating to before the Civil War, was desecrated during a night last month — 108 headstones and grave markers were damaged...
...They found granite and marble headstones of newer gravesites pushed to the grass and marble stones of older gravesites ripped into pieces. Some stones broke in half; some broke at the ground level; one broke into 13 pieces. ...

Find a Grave has information on 288 interments at the cemetery.