Thursday, June 14, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday - G.H. Stotler Purdue items

Purdue Pharmacy Junior Course
Purdue University School of Pharmacy completion certificate, 1894
I found these in an old photo album that belonged to George H. Stotler or Mary Stotler-Ross. It is a few random items relating to George H. Stotler's (1865-1902) attendance of Purdue University in the 1890s. George was the brother of my 2nd great grandmother Mary H. Stotler-Ross.

They are somewhat interesting telling the cost of attending Purdue's School of Pharmacy for a semester. A semester was only $39, but according to the inflation calculator what cost $39 in 1893 would cost $934.10 in 2010. Still $934 for a semester is a pretty good deal.

Click "read more" to see the rest of the items.

1894 Purdue Bill
1894 Purdue Bill

1891 Purdue Bill
1891 Purdue Bill

Jan 1894 Purdue Bill
1894 Purdue Bill

Sept 1894 Purdue Bill
1894 Purdue Bill

George Stotler Matriculation ticket 1893
Senior class matriculation ticket

George Stotler Purdue Matriculation ticket 1892
Junior class matriculation ticket

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