Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rev. John H. Stotler - Pastor of the Church of Christ in Eaton Ohio

Rev. John H. Stotler
Rev. John H. Stotler
Here is another photo from one of Mary Stotler-Ross's old photo albums. This one was captioned Rev. John H. Stotler. Pastor of the Church of Christ, Eaton, Ohio. It is not dated, but probably around 1890 +/-. John was married in Ohio in 1890. John Harrison Stotler was the brother of my 2nd great grandmother, Mary H. Stotler-Ross. He was born in 1867 and the family kind of lost track of him after 1902. All that I know for sure is that he signed for the burial plot for his brother in Crown Hill Cemetery in 1902.

His wife Anna Perry apparently died in Ohio not long after the 1910 census, but she was living with her family. John Stotler was not listed as living with her in Ohio. It is not known to me if they divorced (which seems unlikely for a Christian minister in the early 1900s) or if he died. I have been looking through the diaries of Mary H. Stotler-Ross, but she doesn't seem to mention her brother John. She does mention George, but not John. He is not buried with his father and brother at Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis.

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