Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy New Year 1972 from the Ross family

5 of the Ross siblings, Jan 1, 1972
I wish I had scanned this photo closer to the new year, I would have used it on January 1, 2011. Maybe I'll reuse it on Jan 1, 2012 and point out the 40 years ago angle.

This photo is captioned: John, Mason, Clara, Helen and Oliver at Mason's Jan 1, 1972. It depicts 5 of the 7 Ross siblings alive in 1972. George and Mary were absent from this photo.

According to my notes, John Franklin Ross Jr lived from May 1899 to March 1976. Mason Hiram Ross lived from April 1892 to July 1980. Clara Bernice (Ross) Fowlie, from Jun 1897 to October 1994, Helen Elizabeth (Ross) Whitted, from October 1903 to August 1990. Oliver Henry Ross, aka Buster, from January 1906 to June 1988.

Clara is my great grand mother and the others are great grand uncles and aunt. Clara's daughter married Elvis J. Brassfield and that is the connection to the Brassfield surname, the normal subject of this blog.