Monday, June 11, 2012

College girls in 1884

College girls in 1884
A group of college girls at Danville, Ind - 1884
This one is another photo from an old Stotler photo album. It was captioned "A group of college girls at Danville, Ind - 1884." This was probably at the Central Indiana Normal College, a now defunct teacher's college. I believe that is my 2nd great grandmother Mary H. Stotler-Ross at front and center in this photo. It looks like her from that time period. She was a teacher for a time and it makes sense that she would have been to that school at that time. She was born in 1864 so she would have been 20 years old. This is quite a bit different than the type of photo you might find on the facebook page of a 20 year old girl in 2012.

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